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For every artiste touring worldwide and showcasing artistic skills is a dream. Being an Indian and representing the country whilst receiving loads of love and respect in return is something like bringing back home plenty of unseen souvenirs to cherish it for a lifetime. This picture is from the year 2003 during the Indo-German Cultural Exchange Program between Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar (Haryana) and Modelschule Obersburg, Germany. I'm so grateful to then Principal Mrs. Shyama Kriplani and Administrator Col. P.K. Goel for entrusting such a huge responsibility upon my hubby Jayanta and especially me. I was at the threshold of my twenties but they discovered my potentialities and sincerities towards dancing and for a single moment, they were not in any doubts of replacing me. It was just a year prior that I joined that school. And this news of stepping in Germany and that too completely upon my artistic credibility wherein we designed the performances and concept of the show presentation blending Kathak along with the German Brass Band is something indescribable. During all these happenings in the period of July - August 2003, my dad was admitted to the hospital for his last stage of throat cancer. When my travel got confirmed, I informed my mom and the next fine morning my mom told my dad about it, "Simpi is going to Germany." It was for him as if I conquered the Everest at a very young age. He took a deep breath and his vision stilled at the infinity. He just got operated so could not utter words but from his very gesture, I felt what he felt for me and for himself. He somehow felt so proud of my first international achievement since he never curated easy and accessible paths for me. It's just that, he walked with me holding my hands wherever I wanted to for the love of dance. That day during my performance at the hugely massive Old Church Ruins of Bad Hersfeld in Germany and amidst the trumps of the brass band, the sound of my Ghungroos and the huge roar and applause of the spectators, I was so lonely without my dad. My heart sank missing him. Because when I will return back to India, he will not be there to see my pictures and videos. Today after 17 years I realize that this achievement of mine was due to his honest love and trust for my dreams more than my potentialities.

P.S.: On this stage, pop legend Michael Jackson performed too!

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