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Dance for a dancer means everything. Brainstorming upon some ideas, planning it executions and working upon the aesthetics are just a few we as dancers and choreographers deal with. Lord Shri Krishna's involvement in our life is not only to abolish bad and spread His eternal love, He is also a great dancer. Thus He is also known as a Natwar and Kathak been truly associated with His divinity, dance Bols and stances are also called 'Natwari Nritya'.

Here's the part of our dance rendition from Amrapali Society presenting the 'KRISHNA KANAN' for the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami Around The World, organised by Radha Krishna Foundation, USA. This international event was an amazing line-up of international artistes from 6 continents and 9 countries like USA, Canada, UK, Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, South Africa, Australia and India. We're so very happy that our presentation received well appreciation by the viewers worldwide and above all it was such a pleasure when Smt. Devi ji, Co-Founder of the Foundation beautifully said about the mighty Brahmaputra river and Assam. It made us feel really proud. It is really wonderful to learn how Indian culture is been glorified over the years in foreign countries.

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