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Food is such a thing that I crave for. I don't eat heftily but I like to taste food from different countries and cultures. Like many of you, I am a foodie too :) I generally do not take a proper meal prior to my performance just because to feel light. And after the performance, I feel the hunger roaring wild in me. This photo is from my after performance held in Dubai in the Rongali Bihu celebration by the Axom Samaj, Dubai in 2004. We had an awesome time performing different dance compositions for the spectators, the organisers all Assamese were superb hosts and being with them was fun. I have plenty more beautiful photos of our Dubai dance tour which I'll share with you all time to time. Today, as I concentrate upon after performance food, let me take your eyes onto that pulpy plum on my plate. I was almost about to finish my food and preparing myself to have a wonderful time tasting some bit of Arab fruits as a desert. And Jayanta was still having his main meal steadily. And I especially kept that plum on my plate so that I can have it at the end of everything, just like we all used to do with our Maggi, eating it slowly and letting our sibling finish it before us so that, we can have our rest deliciously in front of them. With all this preparation in my mind, I was called by Jayanta as he met someone after his meal and wanted me over the discussion too. I joined them and after finishing with them, I told Jayanta that I still have to finish my 'plum' and his reply was "Leave it!" (Baad Diya He) and with frowned eyebrows, I asked "Why to leave it?" (Ki Baad Diya). With my upset mind when I returned back to my table, all I can find is a clean and set tabletop with a clean white sheet. Sometimes too much professionalism is really not cool. Till today the thought of that plum brings in water to my mouth. A small bite could have brought in so much juice and sweetness with a dash of tangy in its taste. But, I lost it all. That's why I learned it well to always finish my meals and go for meetings.

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