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I can't make anyone understand how I feel when I dance. The infinite space surrounding me makes me feel adoringly beautiful. Every stance helps me surrender to eternity. This picture is from the year 2001 during my solo Kathak dance recital at the newly constructed Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra (SSK), Guwahati. The open amphitheater was every artiste's delight and the weekend cultural nights used to bring in so many art lovers to enjoy and be with their favourite art till night. There were so many hustles in this cultural complex, so much to do and so much to give. It is always beneficial to have an administrator with vision and love for arts like then Mr. Goutom Sharma, Secretary (SSK) and this is what all artistes enjoyed during that phase of time. The still moment captured in this picture was not the exact me in reality then. Although I was a silent soul, I was somewhat very short-tempered and anxious. Hope, patience and perseverance brought me spiritual solace and knowledge about universal attraction. I have learned about my abilities with time and struggles. And I always reflect my inner self and never ever tried to surrogate someone else who inspires me. In the major phase of my life, I have learned from a distance, I have observed performances and I have assisted to overcome complexities. With all of these, I truly feel that 'time' is a very important factor in one's life. You may get what you desire quickly through your best possible networking or you may get it while encompassing various situations and obstacles which leads to exuberance. The choice is yours! I personally prefer the latter.

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