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From childhood, I had always been a very quiet soul. Very reserved and introverted person. My lessons in dancing opened me to the happiness that I curve each time within my sub-conscious mind. This led to so many beautiful imaginations in me. I still love to dream and find ways to execute it in my own pretty ways. Many take me as a proud woman and many know how soft I'm from within. Sometimes things which you see is not right until you deal with it. It's just like cracking a coconut and finally relishing yourself with its sweet water. Yes, I am stubborn but with my dreams, because the flower that bloomed from my closed soul long back, blossomed so bright that I could not help to be just dreaming to be a regular kind. I had a wonderful podcast interview with my dear friend Phillip Parker wherein I discussed so many of my expectations and dream executions in my life. Do give it a hearing.

Here's the link to my PODCAST INTERVIEW:

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