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Whenever I come across such photos of my childhood dancing days, it takes me back to those carefree dancing moments, far away from competitions and jealously, it’s just the love for dance all around. This was during my school’s Parents’ Day event wherein I was taught dancing onto the song ‘Axomire Sotalote..’ by our seniors held on 12th - 13th May, 1990 at Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati. I was so attached to doing makeup until quite some days beyond any event in which I perform. I still remember how my youngest aunt Alaka Bhagawati praised me while doing my makeup for this show. She said, “You got a beautiful pair of eyes. It’ll get more beautiful when you grow up.” And this very line kept me happy for weeks. For hours I used to keep looking myself at the mirror, trying to find the beauty in my eyes which she mentioned. I would eagerly wait on my weekends or other school holidays when my parents go out for work and I would elaborately place all my makeup essentials on the dressing table and start doing makeup. And after this I would stay until the whole day with the makeup on my face and flowers around my hair and just before my parents’ return in the evening, I would wash off my makeup and remain a good girl. The wall hanging that is visible at my back is hand embroidered by my mother. She is so talented, disciplined and got a great management attitude. After all the tiring works of house and our printing press, she would still find time after the dinner to complete a definite amount of threads until it’s done. She would complete her self designed Mekhela Sadors for as long as 12 to 13 months. Such patience and dedication very few people got in their lives. And it’s not just this, she is a Master's Degree holder from the Gauhati University of her time, all availed through the scholarships she received, wherein many others were just Graduates and then either do jobs or looks after their family. I’m so proud that, she could stand an entire slow-moving business all on her own. Children learn many things from their parents and I undoubtedly observed as well as absorbed so much more from her. Truly inspiring!

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