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Presenting a still Krishna poise from my solo Kathak dance recital performed for the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India), Bhuvaneshwar in 2013. I cannot forget how diligently then Regional Director, Ms. Minakshi Mishra organised and arranged everything single-handedly. She stood firm with all her commitments towards me, right from a perfect stage and gathering till the uncountable media reporters, I was overwhelmed with everything that came to me on that performing evening. She was all praise about me as to how I managed the PowerPoint presentation and the script along with my performance all alone. The concept and purpose of my show were all that it still lingers in her mind till today. Being a solo performer that evening, I too designed the recital in such a manner that, the spectators remained bonded to me and the screen on the stage backdrop. The very next day, I was in almost all regional, Hindi and English newspapers who shared my dancing pics, wrote about my dancing life and so much more. As I walked by the footpath, I collected around 15 to 16 such newspapers and for the whole day, I held all those as valuable treasures. I have seen that I mostly land up with happiness through some sorts of battles and difficulties. The tedious journey I went through before reaching this heaven sort experience still makes me so upset. I was residing in Mumbai at that time but was on a vacation in Guwahati with Jayanta and Bella for some period. So, I boarded the train from Guwahati to reach Bhuvaneshwar and as there were no direct trains, I had to wait at Howrah Station, Kolkata for quite some hours for my next train. And as I was moving towards the platform there was one coolie who was annoyingly after me. Was it that he got glued to my looks or was sympathetic as I was having 2 luggage bags or was in need of some serious money, I just don't know. And at the call of the train, as I prepared myself to move, I could still find him near me. And at last, with much avert I just automatically burst out with a slang word! And all of a sudden we both stopped looking at each other just like a 3D Max movie. Never did he thought that perceptibly perhaps a calm looking lady or a sweet lady from his perspective would react this way loud and me been a silent soul never realized that all of a sudden I can be a lioness too! And after this, we both just turned apart without a glance or even a word. And I was smiling within myself that, okay that was a perfect way without a plan. Sometimes unplanned things lead you to perfection :). And after that Bhuvaneshwar performance with loads of fond memories, I straight away traveled to Mumbai wherein some of my friends were waiting for me at the CST station (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) to carry my luggage bags, get me a cab and drop me to my residence.

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