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As much as I love performing and choreographing, I immensely love teaching dance too. And from a very long time, I have been in love with folk dances of Rajasthan and Gujrat, because it gives me so much of space to interweave my bit of Kathak abhinaya style within it. This photo was clicked during my 2 days dance workshop for Navratri in the STAR Cement campus in Lumshong, Meghalaya. It was so much fun teaching the dancers of varied age groups and most importantly watching them rendering it with their finest abilities is a blessing. Undoubtedly teaching them for 12 hours a day with meal breaks wherein they come in batches made be tired, but I enjoyed the zeal in them. I was accompanied by one of my senior students then namely Karishma and I truly miss those nights. I’m generally a lone traveller and most of the time I love traveling alone for days and weeks. Learning a few different cultures, places and especially the food is so much fun. I love staying with myself, write or scribble sometimes or just dream about what and how to shape my plans. And all of this can only happen at its best when I am surrounded by nature.

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