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I hereby present a snippet from the year 2017 of my after the performance at the Essequibo Island in Guyana, organised by the Radha Krishna Foundation. I was so overwhelmed with the efforts made by this extraordinary team in promoting Indian arts, language and culture in this foreign land. This was my first show after landing Guyana. Thousands of miles away when you witness and can actually live with your culture and rituals it feels so amazing. These set of Indian Guyanese who shifted hundreds of years back to Guyana have so inspiringly kept the Indian traditions alive. Truly something which we all Indians in India must take note of as because herein thousands of our upcoming generations starts their dancing career either with Hip Hop or Bollywood styles without any knowledge of shloka or its importance. When the Indian Guyanese recites the Sanskrit shlokas with Hindustani classical music, all you can do for your attainment is to dance along with. I really miss you all

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