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Health for all of us has been always a priority in both personal and professional life. And it must for sure to be taken care of. If you are a person who does physical activities like dance, yoga, games, gym, aerobics, etc. you must have imbibed a strong mental and physical self not only for yourself but for your family too. It is often found that, if one or more in a family is physically active, or a fitness freak, then they tend to inspire or frame disciplinary routine for the rest of their family members.


It deeply pains me at the struggles occurring due to the pandemic Corona Virus across the globe. Moreover, the natural disaster happening in different parts of this beautiful world. Some say that nature is been furious upon us, as we have tormented its treasures and utilities enough. Humans’ greed and ambitions have stroked through all possibilities to achieve the impossible. Maybe it is true. Maybe we have surpassed every possibility and impossibility to meet our demands and requirements. Undoubtedly, the human race has proved themselves as superior and infinite when compared to other beings. Also in this race of greed and dreams, we have lost some innate feelings and basic human values. ‘Back to Nature’ should be an urgent call for all of us. Understanding natural vibes, scenic beauty of the hills and valleys, the five elements known as Panchatantra, the nine human emotions known as the Navarasa, depth of a poetic feeling, singing along with seasonal changes and each of such acts which relate us directly to nature must be considered as a regular execution.

The mind plays it all! Broken phases in life or disappointments are cured with strong will power and good thoughts.

Through this blog post, I would like you to regenerate your talents, hobby, or passion because these are the vital elements that strengthen your body, mind and soul. Think, what do you love the most? What is the best thing you do with so much love? Singing, playing guitar, dancing, acting, sketching, painting, gardening, writing poems, blogging, cooking, crafting, scrapbooking … I’m sure there is something in you that can create wonders and can definitely inspire others to follow your passion too. In addition, to continue with your hobby, regularity and discipline is everything. You can always find some time for yourself even though you are surrounded by hundreds of other things.

Good health starts with first giving time to yourself. To have some time to meditate and then exercise or jogging or just brisk walking in the morning and start your day with a healthy breakfast. By having, healthy breakfast I do not mean your plate to be filled with luxurious fruits and expensive food items. A bowl of cereal with milk and honey and a little bit of cut fruits like bananas or apples if available should be fine. Or a scrambled egg sandwich stuffed with vegetables like cucumber, tomato, etc. or whatever available would be great. Or maybe you would love to have one or two Alu Paratha with a bowl of curd. For those who do not know what Alu Paratha is, firstly, it is one of my favourites and secondly, it is actually a stuffed potato Indian bread that we call a roti. There will be always something in your kitchen to start a great day ahead with your breakfast. I personally love to have a heavy breakfast so that it keeps me on until my lunch without having any craving for munching in between. You can find plenty of nutritional and dietary plans on the internet, which might be of great help to you.

Too much noise around you also disrupts your thinking process. The office working hours are very pressurizing especially when you are in a motion to complete your given targets. Moreover, apart from this, your mind goes through a heavy toss when you have to create your own work reports at the end of the day. I personally love to work or reside in a calm place. And who does not love it? Noises around distract me so much and pressurize my brain cells. When we are aware that the whole day until evening our mind will be going through a roller coaster, it is necessary to stabilize the mind through meditation early morning before your entire primary or secondary works starts, so that it is able to stabilize your mind in the hardest times and keeps it calm during major decision-making hours.

Drinking a bottle of Detox Water throughout your day will certainly help you stay energized with the goodness of the infused fruits and vegetables. Carry an apple or banana along with your nutritious box of lunch to curb down anxiety for having quick and junk foods. And at the end of your busy day, get in touch with your hobby or passion. This truly sums the whole day work schedule so well, leaving you much happier and motivated to start the next day well. If you are a person the same as me who loves to doodle or keep writing plans, dreams, poems in your planner, or diary, we know it well how much happiness it brings to us. I consider my pen and my diary to be my best friend when I am alone and in general too.

In addition, most importantly I would like to mention that, along with keeping intact with physical activities and nutritious meals, please ... lease stay away from negative talks, gossips and creating troubles to others for your self-growth. This is a really bad thing to get along. It brings in so much negativity not only to others but for yourself too. Gossips about your friends, relatives, neighbours, politicians, sportsmen and even the film actors in any form like in person or through YouTube videos or even podcasts must be strictly avoided. This news and views can never bring good thoughts to your mind. Remember, the mind plays it all? Everything starts with your mind. Your will power, manifesting goodness, good thoughts, spreading good energies… everything.

In actual MIND is smarter than your HEART.

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