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All of us are still doing our every possible act amidst the dreadful COVID 19. These lamenting days have struck so much within and outside our self-growth. But, it is in one way blessing that the internet perhaps is been used for such noble and positive ways. We could see so many artistes, especially on International Dance Day, committed to sending vibrations across the globe with scintillating movements and a message of being together in this horrific situation.

It is really nice to witness the positive energy and enthusiasm of the dancers and in larger context amongst all the artistes throughout worldwide, whose effort of bringing comfort and destressing disappointments is truly inspiring. Many of the dance teachers are taking their classes online and generating innovative ways of teaching and learning in their digital dance learning sessions. Taking up with such online classes and that too for a 100 percent practical subject like dance needs to be accompanied with video contents along with the live sessions. Most importantly because live classes in some ways delay transferring the Guru's instructions or training by a few seconds. So, if you have started with a pace, the best thing to do is to keep continuing the renditions by making your mind understand the technical delay that is ought to happen. And by the end of each session, record the training in both video and audio formats for your students to practice.

Performing and visual arts institutions who provide training in areas like dance, music, yoga, etc. most of the time do have to struggle for their professional establishment and financial stability. In this difficult and economical downtrodden time caused due to the COVID 19, I'm sure that many such entrepreneurs, artistes and non-profit organisations are suffering and facing real challenging moments for paying rents and other bills in which such entity runs. Unlike academic and educational institutions, such activity associated institutions do not demand any annual fees from its students. It is most likely pay per service or monthly/quarterly pay of fees and that too a very meager amount each month. How hard to pay even a monthly expense of INR 10,000 as rent at this time for many artistes. And above all these, there is a possibility to lose some inactive students too. The strategy is very challenging. Like we say, if we all are really together into this, I firmly believe that each one of us must have the courage to face it too. If the rent is to be charged 50% until this problem swipes off and leads to stability, such a decision would help both the tenant and landlord to survive and recover.

But, the sad thing is that there seems no noise about it. When the world is striving for economic stability, a financial consensus is needed for work stability. And I hope all artistes stand for this together and urge their government to issue some directives for benefit of both tenants and landlords. I hope this alarming situation comes to notice.

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