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Pranaame Bhagawati at Basant Utsav 2022 in Assam Down Town University

With the advent of a beautiful season, the Assam Down Town University (ADTU) celebrates the Basant Utsav 2022 by students of its Music Club on April 9, 2022 in their University campus with much enthusiasm and happiness. The students showcased various dance forms and also sang displaying colourful traditional clothing and attire. The show was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the ADTU and Smt. Bandana Dutta as the Chief Guest.

The event was graced by Pranaame Bhagawati (Founder of AMRAPALI Society for ARTS) as the Guest of Honour. The students performed various dances and music of the northeast region. More info about it could be read in the attached news report and the video footage.

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