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My personal experience being an Amrapalian at Lumshnong, Meghalaya

Working in groups as a team is important for our communication in life. AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) is not only a workplace with an amazing environment but a home full of emotions for me. From the beginning at four years old, my mother signed me up for my first dance class, and ever since then, I haven't stopped.

With Pranaame Bhagawati ma'am before the function

The Amrapali organization has taken my dancing skills beyond what I ever imagined. The sky is high and respected Pranaame Bhagawati Ma'am and Rudra Jayanta Bhagawati Sir has always encouraged and taught me to fly higher and higher.

Recently, I got an opportunity to assist this beautiful dancing couple with the dance choreography of STAR PUBLIC SCHOOL's annual function at Lumshnong, Meghalaya. Had a wonderful time and got a chance to present Amrapali organization's magic and set meaningful stage stories. It was definitely a new experience for me and I will always cherish each and every moment I spent there with a bunch of positive personalities.

With some of the school's staff and Pranaame ma'am during practice sessions

The supportive backbone of the school stood along with us and helped us in every step, therefore we ended up with a bright and successful show. The students performed really well and I will always be proud of each and everyone who participated. The faculty members were very caring, encouraging and understanding at the same time.

Poised before the event

Overall, it was a great experience with lots of memories filled with both joy and tears. I didn't want to end this beautiful journey soon but time flies and we have to move on with our activities in life.

It is eternally accepted that some things in life cannot be learned in schools, colleges or Universities and definitely not with money. Such an experience is worth to be treasured and will definitely hold a great learning experience in my journey of dance.

Lastly, I would like to express my warmest thanks to Pranaame Bhagawati Ma'am and Rudra Jayanta Bhagawati Sir for believing and showering their blessings on me. The AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) has made a major difference in my life for which I will forever remain grateful.

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