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My First Experience with the Chimera Event

This was my first time with Chimera (7th CHIMERA 2022), Guru Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati Ma'am and AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS - AIA. And it would be completely unfair if I do not express the overwhelming feeling I experienced while watching the Musical Dance Ballad namely the 'PANCHA MAHABHOOTA' at the valedictory function of the 7th CHIMERA 2022. It was a combination of exceptional concept and brilliant choreography which one might expect to see only on an International Stage.

My daughter Shanvi Giri while performing her first Kathak dance recital at the 7th CHMERA 2022

I was holding my daughter Shanvi with one hand and my tears with another. Their hard work and dedication were reflected on the performance of the dancers and touched my soul personally. The music and dance created a magical environment that can't be described in words.

My daughter Shanvi Giri in on the left side along with her friend Adrija Paul from Amrapali Institute of Arts

I enrolled my daughter Shanvi for Kathak classes under the guidance of Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati Ma'am, the day I came to know about this Institution. After listening to the vision and mission of the Gurus, I was assured that the students learning from the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS - AIA will have a strong grip on the classical dance of Kathak one hand and be on par with creative and Indian classical-based contemporary dance on the other.

I would also like to thank them for providing me an opportunity to relive my musical days with my Tabla playing and be a part of the 7th CHIMERA 2022 on the Kathak dance presentation by the students of the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS - AIA.

Myself while playing Table along with Guru Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati on the right

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