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The year 2002 was full of new advents, challenges, awards and good news that filled my year, in fact, it got a bit overflowed. The picture is from January 14, 2002, when I won the GOLD MEDAL in KATHAK DANCE at the 7th National Youth Festival in Hisar (Haryana), organised by Govt. of Haryana in collaboration with Govt. of India wherein I represented my State Assam. This was my second Gold Medal in Kathak Dance at the national level. The first one was in 1997 that I received at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. A group of almost 18 people was sent for this 7th National Youth Festival from the Govt. of Assam for various other categories like folk dance, theatre, etc. And while including my name in the list, Mr. Goutom Sharma, then Secretary (Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati) mentioned to someone that, "Only she can do it!". And I just got 2 days in my hand to prepare myself mentally for this big event. I packed my luggage, took the music in a cassette and reached the destination with my mom just a day prior to my competition. There were so many competitors performing with huge roars and cheers from their State supporting their spirit. And on the day of the Valedictory Function, I was standing right in front of then Cabinet Minister Late Pramod Mahajan to receive my Gold Medal. It was such an unbelievable and a pride moment for me and for the entire State as this was the only robust entity coming back to the State. There on that day, I heard the known name 'Jayanta Bhagawati' in the mic who was doing the huge field choreography for this mega event with almost 3000 participants. And I told mom that, I heard this name and I need to meet him. But, due to so much of rush and hurriedness, we could not make it out. After returning home, my dad put his hand on my head and said, "She did it" and I still to this date feel that warmth of his hand at the same place on my head.

My 2002 news doesn't end here.

*In February 2002 I met Jayanta in Delhi at the Vasantotsava Festival organized by Pt. Birju Maharaj wherein Jayanta was one of the main coordinators under the guidance of Pt. Birju Maharaj's team. And we exchanged our numbers (just phone numbers and not feelings).

*In March 2002 he called me for a lying vacancy at his place and I reached the destination with my mom and there he directly proposed to me that he wants to marry me without saying that he loves me whilst making me feel where on earth did I land.

*In May 2002 he came to Guwahati to meet my dad and my cousin Mr. Balendra Mohan Chakravarty was there too and everyone got so impressed that all got settled easily because being both belonging from the orthodox Brahmin family everything matching so well, community aspirations and above all the same dance category as well as profession seems to be like a fairy tale.

*On July 1, 2002 we tied our wedding knot in Sattrakar Devalaya, Uzan Bazar (Guwahati).

*In August 2002 I was appointed for my job in Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar (Haryana).

*In December 2002 when we came to Guwahati for our winter vacation and my dad said, 'You have put so much of weight!". And I said, "Yes Deuta, when lots of happiness gets mixed with food then this happens, but I will control."

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