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Amrapali's International Event - DEEPOR PORA DIGONTO LOI completed

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The recently held massive event namely Sohudor 2021, spaced the much-awaited international event of the AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS)'s Deepor Pora Digonto Loi - Majuli into the Horizon from February 21 - 22, 2021 at Jengrai in Majuli. Deepor Pora Digontoloi Loi - Majuli into the Horizon is a dream concept of the internationally toured Kathak exponents Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati and Pranaame Bhagawati.

The first day premiered its poetic documentary 'Majuli Moi' and the second day was graced by Shri Lakhya Konwor, Member Secretary, State Level Advisory Committee for Students and Youth Welfare, Govt. of Assam as the Chief Guest and Padmashri Jadav Payeng as the Guest of Honour. The event দ্বীপৰ পৰা দিগন্তলৈ | Deepor Pora Digonto Loi - Majuli into the Horizon is to connect with the prospective and potential Majulians residing around the globe virtually and physically in regards to sharing their professional journey and experiences for the development of the island and inspire the contemporary generation.

This effort of connecting Majulians from the various perspective of life and work across the globe is truly incredible. A website encompassing various aspects and connections in Majuli will also be launched. The event was conducted in two phases. On the first day, it started with premiering its poetic documentary namely 'Majuli Moi', which was scripted by Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati, voice-over by the eminent actress from the Assamese film industry Asha Bordoloi, music by Kabindra Dass (Bablu), edited by Bhaskar Jyoti Doley and artistically directed by Pranaame Bhagawati.

The second day brought forward interactive as well as cultural presentations and hosted the speech of invited Majulians to share their thoughts, experiences and suggestions towards the development of Majuli and its future generations. The event was inaugurated by 'Shankh Naad', a Khol rendition by 100 musicians by the monks of Uttar Kamalabari Sattra, Majuli. A Souvenir 'Deepor Pora Digonto Loi' was released that is blessed with the goodwill message by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi who profoundly appreciated the cause and motive of the event. The E-Souvenir of Deepor Pora Digonto Loi - Majuli into the Horizon can be downloaded HERE.


The cultural programme was hyped with a beautiful and melodious song 'Majuli Moi' sung and composed by the renowned duo Manmit and Mandeep Mahanta, accompanied by Taranga Kashyap, Angarag Saikia, Prasun Ghose, Nikhil Das and Nibir Dev Sarma.

The show solemnized with a massive scintillating dance choreography 'Vande Mataram', which presented an amalgamation of Kathak, Sattriya, Manipuri, Bihu, Mising and Deori folk dances, choreographed by Pranaame Bhagawati, music directed by Rudro Jayanta Bhagawati, music composed by Mandeep Mahanta, with dancers Pranaame Bhagawati, Ranjumoni Saikia, Bihul Sinha, Basanta Sinha, Bijita Goswami, Gayatri Konwor, Juri Das, Wamiel Pranaame Kashyap, with a special appearance of Assamese actress Preety Kkonkona and others.


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