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AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS: Unique Name and Unique Fame

Dancing is a great form of exercise and practising dance at an early age can help children to stay active right from their tender age throughout their adulthood. It increases a child's flexibility, physical strength and stamina. My 6 years old daughter Jaishnavi is very much interested in dance since her childhood. She used to dance all by herself and force me to make videos of her dancing. Seeing her interest in dance I thought of admitting her to a dance institute. I kept on searching for a good dance institute but was not satisfied with any one of them. Finally, luck favoured me and I came to know about a very well-known an esteemed institute and that is non-other than the Amrapali Institute of Arts. And without a second thought, I admitted my daughter to this institute for Kathak dance. I am very glad to say that within a few months, Jaishnavi gained knowledge of Kathak dance and became confident in practising her lessons and moreover she promptly can answer her teacher's questions.

In this pandemic situation also Amrapali Institute of Arts didn't stop their dance classes. The institute is giving their training through online classes. Now, I realize that I was right in choosing a perfect institute for Jaishnavi as she has got the right platform to expose her talent. I am grateful to Pranaame Bhagawati madam, who is amicable, energetic and her dancing techniques are very effective for small kids.

If someone is looking for any dance institute just think about only one name and that is the Amrapali Institute of Arts.


Social Worker | National Health Mission | Govt. of Assam, Guwahati (Assam).


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