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Joining the Amrapali Institute of Arts and learning as well as gearing up for several associated aesthetic subjects along with my Kathak dance training is a must for any energetic student like myself. I started learning here from the age of 4 years and from then I never felt like stopping or halting for a moment. Every class and every event I participate into have undoubtedly unleashed a sense of art that's way beyond explanation. Undergoing the classes with adequate details and encompassing my skill with the system of 'Bol Parhant' has unknowingly developed my sense and timing with the rhythm system. This is turn helped me in composing my music and tune my songs. I love curating and singing western songs and this has a relation with my training with the Kathak dance and the footwork patterns.

Gradually with participating in the Amrapali events internationally, I have adapt stage presence and performance agility. I am so much in love with this institute who have carved the best version of myself. Performing on stage or in front of the camera for choreographies and other events is so mesmerizing. The CHIMERA event is a source of presenting tremendous artistic possibilities for students of various age groups. And truly its so luring to see so many competitions of artistic value coming onto a singular platform.

I thank the Amrapali Institute of Arts for allowing me to showcase my artistic skills in the best possible ways. Stepping into the classes and learning one's favourite skill with so much of precision and contentment is certainly admirable. I love the Amrapali Institute of Arts.


Kathak dance student (Intermediate Level) | Performer at Amrapali Repertory | Guwahati (Assam)


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