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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Handmade greeting cards are the most sort of gifts one can present to their loved ones on any occasion or express your feelings. Every single way of making a handmade greeting card unfolds the creative spark of the maker. I love making cards and try making adjustments with waste materials on my creation while giving it an artistic look. This blog post brings to you five easy techniques to create a greeting card from the waste. We often tend to throw the clutter which we think is of no use. But believe me, every single bit of trash turns to be a gem in crafting. Shredded paper, extra cutouts, tiny pieces of glitter papers or foam, just store them all separately. You never know when that hidden ultimate creator within you will need it.

Here’s a tutorial for you to guide you to create lovely handmade greeting cards from waste. All my cards will give you a splash of colours and an idea to structure them for a visual treat. I Hope, you will love it and I await your comments!



  3. CUT & PASTE



COLOURFUL STRIPES: I believe like me you all also have a lot many shredded colourful paper stripes that we get after trimming card stocks, backdrops, etc. Most of the time we clear our craft table by decluttering such paper stripes away into the dustbins. But, ever wondered what it could turn out to be? Let's find out together.

  • Take equal width paper stripes. It could be in different colours or 2 - 3 colours only. Now, place it either horizontally or vertically on the card piece. See which one you prefer and then paste them. Trim the edge.

  • You get a firm striped card paper. Isn't that beautiful? Now, just see whatever is available with you. It could be a stunning picture, cut out or just a word like 'Love You', 'Thanks' or just a 'Hi'. Here, the word font and style will matter. You can simply print in black or colour it with your favourite glitter pen colour. Just see how it goes.

  • Alongside the big word, try placing a meaningful sentiment to support your greeting word. It really sticks a long way to the one whom you gift this card.

  • If you decide to attach a picture along with, try it relevant with the big word that you place. Like if you the word 'Thanks' paste flowers along with for the word 'Love You' paste heart shapes or a kiss print along with. Such combinations could turn a simple card emotionally bonded.

ITSY BITSY: For this card, I have collected different big and small colourful papers, be it matt, glossy, glitter, etc. It hardly matters what type of paper stock bits you will use if your colour combination and arrangement works well. And also you don't have to worry much about the thickness of these pieces.

  • On the card base start pasting the paper bits overlapping on one another to the sides. Just see that the color combination of these paper bits works well. After the whole card base is covered, make a frame of 1 inch thick. The frame could be the colour of the card base or a completely eye-catching one. The frame will give an edge to the card's entity.

  • When all is done, then place a stripped sentiment or a title of the occasion the card is made for.

CUT & PASTE: We usually stock a lot of lovely pictures or prints. Select some related pictures or prints that could display some kind of story or message. For example, a tree, a house could be clubbed with some drawing of bushes and birds for a 'Happy Home' card. Or a print of sitting birds could be placed upon a drawn branch with pasted leaves and flowers for a 'Love Card'. Just try arranging your available stuff with a dash of your drawing and colouring and see how it goes.

WEAVING: Making use of leftover lengths of wool is the best way to create colourful cards. The strings of these wool lengths can be woven crisscross or lengthwise (horizontal or vertical). In my cards, I tried doing both and both the arrangements look so pretty.

  • On your card base, outline 0.5 inch space on the inner side along the edge.

  • Now pierce with a pin small holes wide enough to pass through the wool's thickness. Leave 0.5 inch in between each hole.

  • Now is the time to showcase your weaving techniques. Honestly speaking if you know how to do a beautiful weave pattern, it'll blow the mind to whom you'll gift the card. And it'll anyways give a vibrant look with that colourful wool that's just passing in and out, above and below. It will also work well.

  • After having your weaving done, now cut out a paper frame of 1 inch of the same colour of the card stock or any other colour that will go well with the wool. Paste onto the card stock to give it an edgy frame.

  • Now is the turn to take care of the inner side of the card wherein the poked holes are visible. There are two ways to keep it neat. A piece of paper whether plain coloured or printed to stick on both the inner sides of the card to have a similar flavour.

STAMPING: Stamping is a very old process to lay down the original print with the help of ink. On card making too, stamping can bring in lots of fun, colour and texture and make your card look so natural.

  • Natural looking stamping works very well with dried slices of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, etc. Take a piece of white card stock, preferably smaller in size of the actual greeting card base.

  • Take 2 - 3 shades of the same colour to stamp onto the paper with the dried slice of the citrus fruit. For example, colours like 2 - 3 shades of orange and yellow for an orange slice or 2 - 3 shades of green for a lemon slice.

  • Such imprints bring so much freshness to the entire card. And it is perfect for Holiday, Get Well Soon, etc. Do not forget to stick a perfect sentiment on the card to go perfectly with the card theme.

So, these are what I got in store in today's post for you all. If you liked it please comment and do share your creative card in the comments below.

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